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Hermann Bauer Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured by Hermann Bauer Fahrzeugbau, Sonnenstrasse 9a Braunschweig, 1926-1932. The sales outlet remained at that address from the early 1930s until the mid-1960s, and construction took place at Echternstrasse 32.

Only one is known to exist and has a Sturmey-Archer 500cc OHV engine, a saddle tank, girder forks and rigid rear.

After 1933, Hermann Bauer continued in the business of bicycle and motor vehicle repair, but construction appears to have halted. Fewer than 100 motorcycles were built.

1. Hermann Bauer is unrelated to the Bauer firm of the 1950s.
2. Braunschweig (Brunswick) played a prominent role in the rise of National Socialism, and hundreds died there in brutal conditions in a concentration camp. Hundreds of children died in a maternity hospital for slave laborers. The city suffered major damage during an air raid on October 15th, 1944.

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