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Kleinschnittger Microcars and Scooters

A Brief History of the Marque

Kleinschnittger Werke GmbH, Arnsberg, 1950-1957

Kleinschnittger built only one scooter, a quite delightfully styled machine powered by a 50cc JLO engine. Probably based on the HMW Conny, it did not enter production.

His microcars were quite successful, and models included the Kleinschnittger F-250 and the F-250-S, both with 250cc JLO engines, and the earlier 125-F. He also built and raced a 150cc version which performed very creditably indeed.

Paul Kleinschnittger began working on microcars in 1939 in East Prussia. Postwar, he moved to Arnsberg in Westfalia and with help from local authorities set up a small manufacturing plant in 1951 where, over the following 7 years, he produced some 3100 vehicles. He was very active in competition events, entering trials and rallies such as the Madrid-Lisbon race of 1954 where he placed second in handicap, generally competing against much more powerful cars.

Undercapitalized, he ran afoul of the banks and was declared bankrupt in 1957.

The cars were also built in Belgium under the name of Kleinstwagen, and in the Netherlands as Alco.

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