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Maurer Union, Dürrnhofstraße 8, and Bahnhofstrasse 93, Nünberg

Ludwig Jakob Maurer (1873-1936) was one of the pioneers of German automotive engineering, having been involved with Hildebrand & Wolfmüller .

Maurer was in personal contact with Daimler and Maybach, and was one first to hold a driver’s license. He became Nuremberg's first driving instructor.

His factory began building auxiliary bicycle engines in 1920, later producing water-cooled 250cc single-cylinder two-stroke engines, and water-cooled HO 494cc two-strokes. It employed some questionable engineering solutions including tortuous inlet ducting on the flat twins. Motorcycle production ceased in 1927.

Best known perhaps for his friction drive solution as used by Mars, they also built a variety of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Maurer died in 1936. Family members continued to run the company until 1974.

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