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A Brief History of the Marque

Ottmar Cramer, Kleinkraftradfabrik, Untere Turmstraße 16, Nuremberg. 1923 - 1925

The first Ocra machines used 137cc two-stroke clip-on engines mounted high in the frame and inclined around 45 degrees. Later he built JAP 298, 346 and 490cc machines, both sidevalve and OHV.

Cramer was also the owner of Lloyd Motorradfabrik, and similar motorcycles were built under that name.


In the years 1923-1926 Ottmar Cramer produced machines under the Lloyd marque. Initially these were 137cc clip-on bicycle engines, and they later built motorcycles using a variety of JAP engines including SV and OHV 350 and 500cc units.

The firm does not appear to be associated with Hansa-Lloyd or Borgward.

There are several makes which use the Lloyd name: see Disambiguation

Sources:, Tragatsch p195.

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