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Scharrer & Groß Motorcycles (SuG)

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Maschinenfabrik Scharrer & Groß, Grenzstrasse 13, Nuremberg, 1923 - 1932(1). The firm had been operating since the 1870s and had considerable engineering experience as a constructor of large steam engines. Their first motorcycle engines appeared in 1923.

S.u.G. built 350 and 500cc engines for Hecker and probably other firms, initially based on the A.J.S design. Construction of complete motorcycles using their own 346, 496 and 596cc SV engines began around 1927. In 1927 S&G introduced 350 K and 500 K OHV models, and 1929 saw the adoption of saddle tanks.

The 600S used the 596cc sidevalve engine with a bore/stroke of 86x103mm - there are quality photographs this model at

Following the introduction of tax and licence-free regulations, S.u.G. built motorcycles using 172 and 198cc Villiers two-strokes.


In 1926 they began building utility 3-wheelers named Velox which were powered by S.u.G. 346 and 499cc sv engines. The breech-loading Motordreirad could carry 300 and 500kg respectively and was equipped with balloon tyres and internal drum brakes on all three wheels.

1. Sources vary on construction dates, some giving 1925-1931.

Sources:, GTU Oldtimerservice, Axel Oskar Mathieu Archive, et al.

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