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Sieg Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured 1922-1930

SIEG Motorradfabrik H. Jüngst GmbH, Dahlbruch, Kreis Siegen

Jüngst designed and built a variety of models with engines from Alba, Bober*, Cockerell, Columbus, DKW, JLO, Hansa, Villiers, JAP, MAG and especially Blackburne. Frames were from Gruhn and Difra.

Models include: Type Z 206c DKW Two-stroke; 498cc MAG ohv V-twin of 1928; 500cc Columbus 1927 (an example exists at the Technikmuseum Freudenberg)

* No other reference to "Bober" engines found.

Source: Tragatsch p273,

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