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Sitta FM120K Scooter with Kali Sidecar
Sitta FM120K Scooter with Kali Sidecar

Manufacturer: Ordemann & Hauser, Hummel-Werken. 1949-1954
Sittensen, between Hamburg and Bremen.

The factory built Sitta mopeds designated Credette I, II and III, a range of lightweight 100cc to 250cc motorcycles.

There was a rather nice 125cc JLO-powered scooter, and a small number of sporty and attractive JLO 250cc twin cylinder machines were built.

Sitta also built three-wheeled delivery vans using JLO 118cc and 148cc two-strokes.

The last of the Sitta Credette mopeds was produced in 1956 after the company was purchased by Waggonfabrik Gebr. Credé & Co. and production moved to the Kassler district of Niederzwehren.

Hummel supplied many machines to Omega of Belgium.

Jan Puura
27 June 2017 (on Facebook)
Hello! I have a old german scooter that i got from my grandfather back in the days, and now i have restored the scooter. I know a bit of fact about it, but i want more. The scooter is a Sitta FM120K, and i think it is from 1952. I would like to have some more information on the bike and i need some parts that i can't find! I would be really thankful If i can get some more info that i can tell grandfather about the scooter and get the last parts that are missing!

Fri Nov 14 2014
ktsb at
Urgent search for sitta scooter
Sitta 125 scooter
Hallo there!
I'm searching very urgent for the owner of the 1952 sitta scooter which is shown on 3 pictures on your page "sheldons Emu". May there's anybody who can help me!? Thanks an greetings,
Hamburg/ germany

Mon Mar 01 2010
Sitta 125

I'm an owner of a Sitta 125 1952. Anyone else who know something about it, Please contact me.


Fitted with upside-down forks, a feature not found on most machines until the 1980s.

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