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Württembergische Motorfahrzeugwerk Rottenburg (WMR) was established by Wilhelm Jeckel in 1929. Jeckel died in an accident towards the end of that year, but production continued until 1931, when the company failed.

Only 35 machines left the workshop, but they were very high quality machines fitted with Blackburne and Kürchen engines. Their 500cc sports model was capable of 120 km/h.

WMR 1929 Models

Type TA8 200cc
Type SA22 500cc Küchen OHC three-valve single.
Type TA10 300cc
Type TA16 500cc (appears to be a 500cc OHC single, single exhaust port)

Sources:, correspondence, period literature.

Sat Feb 20 2010
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Another german make
WMR 1929 WMR SA22 Supersport 500cm³

Jan 2013
here are some more infos about the WMR.

The engine is a "K-Motor" 3-valve OHC doubleport with vertical timing shaft, designed and distributed by Richard Küchen and produced by Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft Heilbronn.

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Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft Heilbronn

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