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Frohner Román and András Pásztélyi operated a bodywork and repair shop in the 1920s and planned to manufacture motorcycles.

Pásztélyi András was a qualified mechanical engineer who had been interested in motor vehicles at the turn of the century. He worked with the Frohner family and rode a Dedics's motorcycle. Later, in the 1910s, Dr. Frohner Román and András Pásztélyi together with their wives participated in several cross country competitions. In December of 1923 they established the Frohner-Pásztélyi company, with the workshop situated close to the Hungarian Steel Factory which produced Méray motorcycles.

The International Automobile Exhibition in June 1925 saw the launch of their motorcycles, and also motorboats. The 349 cc sidevalve engine was designed by János Engelmayer and all components were made in-house with the exception of the AMAC carburetor, the three-speed gearbox and the Bosch magneto.

In 1925 and 1926 the FP competed in events which included the 1926 TT. Articles in the press announced the machines, but production of FP did not eventuate and probably fewer than a handful were built. It appears that Meray placed an order for 50 units but there is no record of this having been completed.

The company did not survive the 1929 economic crisis.

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