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A. Baratelli & C. Via Principe Amedeo Milano 1913 - 1914

The Sulky Trailer.

AN Italian inventor, S. Baratelli, of Milan, has produced a curious double trailer, which appears very like a double sidecar. The illustrations show clearly how the two trailers are flexibly coupled up by two parallel wooden luggage grids and sprung by two C springs carried on a two-wheeled axle, and are attached to the head of a motor cycle by means of a universal joint. This allows considerable movement to the trailers.

The inventor states that the combination can take corners without the slightest fear of upsetting either when fully loaded, one only occupied or both empty, and that every ounce of motor power is used for hauling the trailers, and practically no strain is imposed on the motor cycle frame.

Another interesting feature of these trailers is that they can be used as a canoe if removed from the chassis, as they float admirably. The invention is known as the Sulky trailer, and weighs about 150 lb.

The Motor Cycle, July 9th, 1914.

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