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Barison Motorcycles

Nel 1913 a Milano l'ing. Silvio Barison costruisce una motocicletta di cui purtroppo non si conoscono le caratteristiche.

Nel 1920 brevetta un sistema di distribuzione a cono rotante in testa e poi, nel 1922, inizia la costruzione di autovetture, iniziativa che interrompe improvvisamente nel 1923.

In 1913, Ing. Silvio Barison built a motorcycle whose characteristics are unfortunately not known.

In 1920 he patented a rotating cone-shaped distribution system which was intended to replace valves, tappets and camshafts with a continuously operating mechanism, and then, in 1922, began the construction of cars which were exhibited at the Milan Fair in 1922, 1923 and 1924. The automobile factory closed in 1925, and he later designed engines for outboards and bicycles.

His bicycle attachment engine was similar to the Velosolex but had chain drive to the wheel front. It did not enter production.

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