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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1953-56 by Costruzioni Meccaniche Padovane*

Based in Padua, the company built light motorcycles of 75, 100 and 125cc capacity in various versions with two-stroke engines from Ceccato and Sachs. In 1956 a 50cc moped and a four-stroke 125cc were introduced. The company folded later that year.

An example of 1955 CMP 125 two-stroke has the kickstart on the left and "CMP" stamped on the right engine cover.

A review of the Castroreale museum in Sicily mentions that only five exist, of which they have one.

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*Notes: Costruzioni Meccaniche Padovane is believed to be the full name of the firm. A firm of the this name builds kart engines in Vittorio Veneto (2010).

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