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Devil Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in Bergamo between 1953 and 1957, the twostroke machines included 48cc and 158cc engines, and fourstrokes of 123cc and 173cc. The larger engine had a 5 speed gearbox and was reputedly capable of over 80 mph - very fast for its day.

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Devil Models include:

    125 4T 125cc 1954-1958

    160 2T 160cc 1954-1958

randyb31313 at gmail.com
1955 OCMA Devil 160cc
I am looking for a shop manual or owners manual for my bike
Randy Burns
Ypsilanti, MI USA

April 2009
I have some tiny negatives that were taken with a miniature camera that used 8mm film and probably a lens made from old Coke bottle scraps polished on a pavement. Will try and get my Canonscan to do some prints which I will send as soon as .
Tony Lurie
Have you got anything on a clip on motor for bicycles named Flink , which was a very powerful and fast 49cc running on the back wheel

There wont be a pic coming because the negative has gone amiss .
Of interest is an email I got in 2008 in response to your web page on DeVil and my enquiries :

Greetings to you,I am Richard Manu from London United Kingdom i saw your mail that you are in need of the above subject stated,i just want to used this little words of mine to let you know that i have it for sale,and still in a good condition, if you need some pics of the item i can send them to you once i heard from you so we can bargain price, please i only need a serious buyer and i do accept check payment ,international money order and western union money transfer ,please no paypal..where i will have my money in my possession before i will ship the item to you so get back to me with your address were you want to ship it to........i used scarlet delivery courier, for shipping abroad so i shipping cost to your doorstep,so i can give you my least price +shipping cost to your doorstep this is my number you feel free to contact me +447024057349 i will be expecting your call or write me back so we can discuss thanks

I did reply and asked for some pics but heard nothing further which makes it sound suss!
If you want to follow up that tele number let me know what happens .

In South Africa we had lots of mopeds but here in Australia where I now live there seems to have been no interest in them at all till the 1990's.

Many thanks
Tony Lurie

The email quoted above is from a scammer.

Can you send me the scam link mentioned in the last email ... I deleted the message by mistake and although I got the web site right couldn't find the article you were referring to.
Tony Lurie
More on scammers...

Order of play when I was at school
Garelli first on the scene in sports mode which was quickly demolished by the Itom.
Maserati made a beautiful bike with flared megaphone exhaust and was a real screamer but not as fast as the first two.
Conventional in style ( step thru') was the Zundapp Combinette ..an good favourite ... it started easily and ticked over like a clock
Ugly as sin but really expensive and powerful enough to carry two easily  ... Kreidler Florian
Not first in the looks department was a range of excellent Sachs engined mopeds with a sprinkling of NSU and Mobylette's
At the bottom of the pile were the clip-on friction drive Garelli Mosquito ( I would love to have one today) and
Velo Solex .
Best of all was the Puch aircooled 49cc sounded great and went like the clappers and never gave any trouble.
I could remember more!

Tue Oct 14 2008
tony-lurie at iprimus.com.au
change of email address
Devil Devilino
I am still interested in getting any info for this make ... but have changed my email
Sunrise Beach Australia

Sat Jun 16 2007
masergo59 at hotmail.com
Devil 160 1957

Vendo moto original para restaurar.

More motorcycles from this vendor here...

Devil 160 1957
Devil 160 1957

Mon Jun 20 2005

tony-lurie at iprimus.com.au

DeVilino 50cc sport

I am desperate to contact anybody who knows of this brand available in South Africa 1957/62 ..made by De Vil in Milan ? Italy