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FIAL Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

F.I.A.L was established in 1898 and operated until 1908, after which it was taken over by Rosa & Ferrario. A "Legnano" car built by the firm is in the collection of the MAUTO museum, Torino.

In 1913, Guglielmo Ghioldi with his two brothers, and the two Ferrari brothers Giovanni and Giulio, took over the F.I.A.L. firm in Legnano. In 1914 the company developed a motorcycle with a 500cc engine, marketed under the FIAL brand, along with an automobile. Unsurprisingly given the unfortunate timing neither were successful, and by 1918 the venture had ended.

Ghioldi went on to become a prominent name in the industry, associated with San Giusto, Vaghi and SAM.

Sources give conflicting accounts, so the information above may not be quite accurate.

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