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Freccia Azzurra Scooters

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured in Milano 1951-1953*

Scooters designed and built by engineer Giuseppe Del Bianco using a 125cc Puch split single with a three-speed gearbox driving via chain. The machine had telescopic forks.

Introduced at the Milan Show of 1951, finances proved a problem and the following year he received support from Ambrosini of Passignano and it was built in their factory.

In 1952 they changed to a Sachs 142cc engine with four-speed gearbox, and improved performance. The scooter was aimed at the high end of the market and was nearly twice the price of the equivalent Vespa or Lambretta.

* Some sources indicate 1954 as last date of manufacture.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, et al.

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