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Idra Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Ing. O. Idra & C., Via Monginevro, 65, Torino, 1923-1926

A small Italian marque which produced a limited number of light motorcycles with 125cc OHV engines. The engines were also available as clip-on bicycle attachment engines.

  • "...l'oramai ben nota bicicletta a motore IDRA col celebre motorino A QUATTRO TEMPI di 125 cmc., valvole in testa raffreddamento ad olio e ad aria, cambio a due marce sempre in presa nel blocco motore, telaio completamente motociclistico ed estremamente aggraziato, comodo ed elegante. Una macchina cui non manca che ... l'abolizione dei pedali per far parte dena famiglia delle pii eleganti e capziose motoleggere." da "Motociclismo" del 14-6-1923

    (... the now well-known IDRA motor bicycle with the famous FOUR-STROKE 125 cmc motor, oil-cooled and air-cooled overhead valves, two-speed gearbox always engaged in the engine block, fully motorcycle frame and extremely graceful , comfortable and elegant. A machine that does not lack that ... the abolition of the pedals to make part of the family of the pious elegant and captiect motoleggere.)

Sources: MC Storico Conti, Tragatsch p171, period advertising.

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