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Itala Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1933-1939

Giuseppe Navone of Turin was the owner of Baudo, GN, Train-Italia, Navone and Itala. Several Itala models were launched in 1933. These included

  • the two-speed Piccola Italiana with a 100cc Train engine
  • the Standard CH1 and CH1 Sport with 175cc single cylinder Chaise engine
  • the CH2 with a 250cc Chaise
  • and the 350cc CH3.
  • There were also Rudge-engined machines, the Ulster 500, TT 500, TT 350 and TT 250
  • Other models of 1933 were the GN1 single cylinder 586cc and the 500cc twin-cylinder GN2
  • The Super Itala, also released in 1933, had a four-cylinder Chaise engine.

In 1934, the 175cc models were replaced by the Artic with a 220cc Chaise.

In 1935, the Super Itala was fitted with a Rudge Python 4-valve engine, and there are models with pressed-metal frames by Durandal of France. The 1935 catalogue also lists the Titan motofurgone with a 500cc sidevalve engine.


Python Four Valve Head

Rudge Python 250, 350 and 500cc engines were introduced in 1931. Borgo used 4V heads in 1920.

In 1936 the firm produced a 98cc model, and Itala closed 1939.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, et al.

N.B. There was an earlier Itala marque which built only automobiles. See .

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