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MBR Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Mario Malini
Via Emilia, 89 Bologna
1924-1926 (1)

M. B. R. - Moto Biciclette Riparazioni

In 1924 the company began producing motor bicycles with a frame designed in such a way as to have the engine situated within the frame triangle. This is probably the oldest auxiliary engine designed and built in Bologna.

By 1925 their Modello C Tipo Turismo had the appearance more of a motorcycle than a powered bicycle, although it still had pedals. Specification remained much the same as the previous year's machines.

MBR Turismo 1924 Specification

Engine: single-cylinder inclined 2-stroke. Bore 55, stroke 55. capacity 130cc
Ignition: Eisemann magneto
Carburettor: Eureka
Lubrication: petrol-oil mixture
Transmission: belt drive, single speed
Frame: Steel tube
Wheels: tyres 26 x 1.75
Maximum speed: 50 km/h

1. Musei Patrimonio Industriale, which has an example in their collection, give somewhat different information:
Manufactured 1923-1930. Founders: Giuseppe Giovannini, Mario Malini. Address: Via Mazzini 89 Bologna.

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