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Moretti Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Manufactured 1925-1932 [1]

Primo Moretti rode with Frera and Moto Guzzi before building his own motorcycles using Rudge Python engines and his own frames. Forks were from FIT of Milan (Fabbrica Italiana Telai) and the wheels, hubs, brakes and other components were also locally sourced.

Around 10 or 15 machines were built.

Primo served as a motorcyclist during the first war, he raced with Frera from 1920 until late 1924, and then with Guzzi from 1925 to 1940 (by which time he was considered an "old man" by his compatriots). He was a close friend of Nuvolari, and also raced with the likes of Varzi, Bandini, Ruggeri and Bordino. The laurels he received during his racing career would have sunk a ship - the list was very long. During this time he managed a motorcycle dealership.

Immediately after the end of the second war he rode to Mandello to renew his relationship with Moto Guzzi. On the return trip he had a collision with a truck.

1. Moretti motorcycles may have been built earlier than 1925 and later than 1932, but they are recorded as being raced in those years. The website mentions only a 175cc Moretti, but the Benelli Museum site speaks of Rudge Python engines being fitted.
2. Another Moretti was by Giovanni Moretti of Macerata, 1934-1950.
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