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A Brief History of the Marque

Lightweight two-strokes built in Italy in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

The marque's name was formed from the name of the founder, Gino Tansini (1898-1980)[1]. He produced motorcycles in his home town of Caorso, midway between Milan and Modena, for more than 20 years, and is commemorated in the local library which displays examples of his machines along with related movies, books and magazines.

In the Netherlands the marque was rebadged as Tansini, utilising Jamathi engines. The logo is very similar, with the word "Gitan" replaced with "Tansini".

Wikipedia Italy writes that the name Tansini was frequently used to avoid confusion with the French Gitane marque, and that early models were fitted with Mi-Val engines prior to the advent of the Gitan Grillo which had a 48cc engine of their own manufacture. A four-speed version appeared in 1962.

Moto Gitan Models

Models included the Grillo 49cc (1959-1962) Libeccio 125 (1957), Holiday 50 and Carnaby 50 (mid 1970s), Brixia 6 SS 49cc (70s) and Cross 50 (1973).

1955 models: Libeccio 125 & Libeccio Sport 125 2T, Scirocco 125cc 2T, Turbine 160cc 4T, Turbine GT 175cc 4T, all with swingarm rear suspension and telescopic forks. Chassis and bodywork very similar.

1959 models: Turbine 175cc 4T

Sources:, RPW, et al.

There are three similarly named marques: Gitan, Le Gitan, and Gitane. The latter are both French.
1. DOB also given as 1899.

19-Aug-2020 green tick
Hi, I'm looking for information about a Gitan 50 sport arround 1958. Everything is welkome. This picture is the model I have.

jachelads at
Hi, Many thanks for your guide to Gitan motorcycles. I have a step-thru bike that is not listed any where that I can find of. If you know any more info as to what model it is or year of manufacture perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know. If you would like to add the photo to the info you already have you are welcome to. You will need to go to my Flickr site though sorry. Link here. flickr
Many thanks
Adrian Polley
West Norfolk (UK)

starkillerbase at
we are going to restore our Gitan Libeccio 125, the registration paper (original) says that the year of production is 1955. We have doubts about the originality of the seat. In fact we have a long seat, which seems a lot newer than 1955. Which kind of seat does 1955 model had? Single? Long?
Modena IT
  • The 1952 Libeccio was advertised with a dual seat. It seems highly likely that the '55 model was available with a dual seat but it is not possible to say whether yours is original.

mdowns at
Titan Model? Year?
Hi There, Mike here.
I have just been given a Gitan 50cc motorcycle of which I have no information. I was hoping to find some information online but that's proving very difficult.
Would you know maybe why this is?
Thank you for any assistance, really.
All the best,
Mike Downs
Roermond, The Netherlands

  • Two or three hours of research has revealed little more about the marque, and nothing at all about the Titan. Have you any images you can share?

Mon Sep 14 2015
dlcruzjuancarlos00 at
worth or the price for a Gitan Grillo
Gitan Grillo 1961
All parts are original, original paint and runs

Thu Apr 10 2014
jorgivandennoort at
Vraag voor waarde scooter
Grillocarro scooter Gitan c1960

Hierbij heb ik de vraag of u meer informatie heeft over deze scooter en of dit hem is? Ook zou ik graag de waarde willen weten van de scooter die we hebben. Hoop dat u mij kan helpen.

(I have the question of whether you have more information about this scooter and if this is him? I would also like to know the scooter we have the value. Hope you can help me. )
Met vriendelijke groet,
Jorgi van den Noort

Sat Dec 14 2013
gitan engine rebuild
hi I have a gitan engine rebuild to do.Does anyone know where i can find info or a manual please?

Sun Aug 12 2007
mad-cat75 at hotmaildot com
penso che la gitan di cui parli sia una scirocco 150 del 1956 per magiori informazoni puoi andare sul sito del comune di caorso ciao

Translation: The gitan about which it speaks is a Sirocco 150 of 1956. For further information you can go on the situated one of the common one of caorso
The site above has the following documents available for download:
Motociclismo - Maggio2005
[.pdf : 2.295,0 Kb]
Motociclismo - Agosto 1954
[.pdf : 2.458,2 Kb]
Legend Bike - aprile 1999
[.pdf : 2.254,0 Kb]
Il Pilota Moto
[.pdf : 1.719,0 Kb]
Moto Storiche - Febbraio 2000
[.pdf : 4.475,7 Kb]
La Manovella - Luglio 1991
[.pdf : 2.116,9 Kb]
Motociclismo - Maggio 1964
[.pdf : 3.786,8 Kb]
Catalogo Moto Gitan
[.pdf : 2.315,8 Kb]

Wed Aug 02 2006
r.bonacini at newlatdot com
Moto gitan

io posseggo una motocicletta gitan, di cui non posseggo informazioni - posso solo dire che si tratta di una moto forse prima anni 60 con motore 2 tempi e cilindrata 125cc. O poco più - e' tutta rossa con un fregio bianco nel serbatoio
-avrei piacere di avere qualche informazioni in più circa questo modello

Grazie e arrivederci
reggio emilia

Translation: I have a motorcycle gitan, but little information - I can only say that draft of one motion perhaps first years 60 with motor two-stroke and piston displacement 125cc. Or little più - e' all red one with fregio a white man in the tank - I would like to get some information in più approximately this model

Fri Feb 24 2006
pbieshaar at
50 cc motocycle
i would like to have some information regarding a Moto Gitan 4 speed motocycle, that is foto's, manual, just anything.

Mon Sep 26 2005
degooijerzonwering at
moto Gitan 50cc
we have bought a 50 cc moto gitan but we would like to have any information which is available. It is a leihtweiht machine, 4 speed. If you have a query or information about Moto Gitan motorcycles please contact us