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A Brief History of the Marque

Motoflash Srl-Società Industriale per l’esportazione of Piazza Galileo 6 (uffci) e Bazzano (Bo), Via Circonvallazione 21 (stabilimento), Bologna, 1954-1956.

Based in Bologna, the company marketed scooters, mopeds and light motorcycles with 50cc two-stroke engines, and also a 48cc auxiliary bicycle engine.

At the Milan Motosalone in November 1956 they displayed four machines - a 48cc 2-stroke micromotor and three others under the Motoflash marque.

It is not clear where the machines were assembled, or by whom. In 1956 the Ugo Galletti company of Castel Maggiore supplied pressed metal frames, the fuel tank with tool compartment, and the valanced mudguards. Vesting offered a Galletti moped at this time, so it is very possible that the Motoflash "scooter" was basically the same as the Vesting Galletti.

Models include the 75cc Clipper of 1957.

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N.B. There is a Motoflash of Verona, a motorcycle restoration specialist.

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