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Rubinelli Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

"The Garage Moderno di Icaro Rubinelli boasts a large modern workshop", reads the letterhead of 1921, and known for the rental of automobiles and also for mechanical repairs.

From here to the realization of the stepthru motorised bicycles and short also because in 1922 the new legislation assimilates of 3 HP auxiliary motor bicycles equipped equal to cycles.

Cosi Rubinelli starts producing an auxiliary engine of 142 cc to be submitted to that year's Milan Show.

There are several engines that are produced while the frames are built by the Milanese firm of Amboldi Brothers who seem to have made an active part of society when it changes its name to F. A. Rubinelli and moved to Rho.

The also built motorcycle with a twin-cylinder 250 cc created by coupling two engines of 125c.

Rubinelli clip-on engines were used by Gaia.

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