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Moto Sterzi

Manufactured 1939-1962.

Sterzi was in the motorcycle business prior to WWII, and manufactured engines and complete motorcycles from 1947 to 1959.

Originally from Palazzolo sull'Oglio, near Brescia, Vittorio Sterzi with his sons Aldo, Rodolfo and Joseph ran a business selling Dei and Bianchi motorcycles, as well as bicycles. They also manufactured parts for 98cc and 125cc Sachs engines.

Aldo Sterzi had gained considerable mechanical knowledge during the war and applied this to the business. By 1949 they had moved to Cologne in Brescia and production was in full swing, offering Turismo, Turismo Lusso and Sport models capable of up to 90kph.

In 1954 the model range included 175cc four-strokes in modern frames with suspension front and rear, well-received by both press and public. Their engines were being used by other manufacturers including Benotto, Girardengo and Bonvicini, and by 1958 they were building German Hirth twostrokes under licence. That same year they produced a scooter and a three-wheeler of 160cc. Exports were booming, with machines going as far afield as Mexico and Argentina.

They were very active in motor sports and gained success in the Valli Bergamasche, the Giro Motociclistico d’Italia and the Coppa Augusta, competing against the likes of MV Agusta and Gilera.

Later engines included a 3-speed two-stroke 125cc Tourist model, and from the same period a 125cc SS with four speeds and increased horsepower.

Models include:
Sterzi President 175cc
1953 Pony 49cc - Sprint and Tourist
1953 Pony 65cc Jolly OHC 3 speed
1954 Sterzi Cross 175cc twostroke
1954 Sterzi 49cc 4 speed gearbox
1958 160cc two-stroke scooter

The machines are prized by collectors and now command quite respectable prices.

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cgric252 at
Sprint. 1953. Sterzi
Wanted cylinder head and barrel for ,50cc oh cam .carb
Garth Richardson
UK. Leeds
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Sterzi unknown year / model
Hi, I recently acquired a Sterzi, but have no idea what model it is. Frame number is 3M*46654. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!
Amy Redelinghuys
South Africa

Fri, 06 Apr 2018
rramalho79 at
sterzi not sure

Hi. Attached is a friend of mine picture of is granpa byke. Its a sterzi. The point i would line to be helped its: -how much you estimate it would costa to make this baby look howesome? -there is a market to sell this kind of byke restaured? -how much would he be able to ask for it if he decides to sell? I apretiate all the information ans help you guys could tive us. Thanks in advance, Rui
Póvoa de Varzim Portugal

Thu, 26 Oct 2017
cgric252 at
sterzi pony?? 1954??

looking for barrel and head, carburettor, exaust
west yorkshire United Kingdom

Tue Jun 06 2017
cgric252 at
italian motorcycles
sterzi pony
i am looking for parts for a sterzi 50 cc ohc sterzi bike

Fri May 27 2011
Hi, looking for infos regarding Sterzi President 175cc. Would you help me?
Italian or english it doesn't matter.
Thank you in advance!

Fri May 21 2010
Sterzi Historical Registry (and collection
To all Sterzi lovers here is the link to the historical Sterzi Registry:
Sterzi Registro Storico

Tue Jun 19 2007
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Sterzi Motorcycles

Hi. I am also looking for info on the 2-stroke 50cc Sterzi. circa late '50's early 60's. Any info? Thanks Glynis
Cape Town South Africa

October 7, 2001
I am looking for information on Sterzi motorbikes. Can you help me? -- Thank you -- Bruno DeMay -- b.demay at

June 20, 2001
I'm looking for information and pictures about STERZI-Motorcycles 125cc and 250cc from about 1955, hope that someone can help me thanks. -- brummy at mailcity dot com

September 14, 2000
I am looking for information on Sterzi motorbikes. Specifically a 65cc model. Can You help?
Thank you,
Dimitri Galitzine

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