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Tecnomoto Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1968-1975 [1]

Based in Vignola (Modena) and run by Vittorio Pellegrini, the company built motorcycles for young riders and lightweight sportsbike enthusiasts. Models include the Paciugo, the Paciughino, the Mistralino Mistralino TM 80 and TM 50, and numerous 50cc roadsters including the rather attractive Squalo.

The 1971 S50 had a 4-speed Franco Morini engine, clipon handlebars, Ceriani forks, Borani alloy rims, Grimeca or Bernardi 4LS brake. A Monza tuning kit was available with a larger bore, higher compression, performance exhaust and Dell-Orto 20mm carburettor (standard was 14/12). There was also a water-cooled version available.

1972 model range: Dolly, Personal (2 types) Sport Squalo Turbo, Sport Special Turbo, Scrambler Turbo, Cross-Strada S. Turbo. There were three 50cc Zundapp engined models: a Zundapp 125cc Cross and two 125cc Morini-powered machines - the Cross and the Regolarita.

Notes: 1. 1979 is also given as the final date of manufacture, but 1975 is more likely correct.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, sales literature, et al.

prbweth at gmail.com
MV Agusta mini bike 50 cc
I have a 50 cc mini bike which looks very much like the MV Agusta one (8 inch wheel version). However it has a white tank with Tecnomoto stickers on it. How do I tell which version it is.
Paul brown
Leeds, uk

icl1 at aol.com
My little Paciughino. Possibly one of the most original one's left in existence? I bought it from a Midget about 10 years ago. He owned it from new and bought it because he wanted to ride a motorbike and at the time, was the only bike small enough for him.
Ian Lewis
Devon, England

  • Tecnomoto-Paciughino-ILe.jpg posted to Comments.

Metallica_head_banger at hotmail.co.uk
Moto minarelli
Hi I'm looking information on fore mentioned small race replica child's motorcycle, year of manufacture, which model it is and possibly where they were sold, sales pictures etc. I believe it is a technomoto. It has magnesium grimcea 8 inch wheels, sidecar and a delorto carburetor.
Northern Ireland
  • Perhaps send photos along with engine and frame number.

raydoncaster247 at gmail.com
I have been given this bike but I have no idea of the model nor year of manufacture. Could you help me to identify it please and whether you feel it is worth money spent on restoration?
Ray Doncaster
Newbury UK
  • The rather fuzzy image hints that this is a monoshock model, of which there is no record. Please send a sharper image.
    Tecnomoto-RDo.jpg posted to Comments.

Yes it is a mono shock frame, please see photos re numbers etc which I hope will help you identify the model and year. I have decided to restore the bike as everything is there, albeit a little rusty. It will be good for my grandson an couple of years time. Frame now cleaned up with one coat of Hamerite more coats to follow. The front & rear tyres are 2.75/300 x 12 on plastic/nylon wheels.
Kind regards
Ray Doncaster

Tux600 at hotmail.com
Tecnomoto 50cc childs motocross mid 1970s Red tank with tecnomoto on it
Hi I had this bike as a child I am looking for information about it so I can find one for sale for my private collection
Wayne Thompson
Durham UK
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