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AGS Motorcycles

Manufactured: Sintjohannesga, Friesland, NL
AGS built 50cc and 125cc off-road machines from 1964 to c.1970 using Casal, Puch, Sachs and Zundapp engines.

The initials come from the names of the founders, Akkerman and Jan de Groot, with S for Special.

The firm developed electronic ignition and rotary inlet valves for their machines.

Condor Club Netherlands, Tragatsch, et al.

Wed Jan 03 2007
fred.giles at cwgsy.net
Fred Dibnah's Motorcycle
Reading Freds book he mentions his AGS motorcycle. I had never heard of this make, is there such a bike or is it a mistake. I have found a motorcycle called an AGS which appears to have been built around the mid-70's. What period is Fred Dibnah writing about? Ed.

I believe it was 1927. Had Carbide Headlamp.


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