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Success Motorcycles

Built in Zwolle by Klaas Baving from 1904, the first models had a Fafnir engine. The firm was acquired by H.G. A. Ackmann in 1912 but continued to advertise the Klaas Baving name as it had become very well known due to extensive advertising and high quality catalogues. The Success brand of motorcycle was still offered in 1914 and 1916. The firm was purchased by J. Kappers in 1937 and remained active until 1967.

They marketed the Success-Auto four-wheeler in 1903 and the Success-Buckboard-Autocar in 1907 (built by US firm Waltham), and were well known for their bicycles which were their primary product throughout their many decades of activity. Their bicycle brands included Express, Perfection, Welcom, Salland and Baving.

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