Polish Motorcycles

LOT Motorcycles

Built in 1929 by Eng. Edward Mandelot, a young motorcycling enthusiast and later co-creator of the famed SM-500, the LOT was presented at the Poznan Fair in May 1929. The elegant silhouette aroused considerable interest among visitors, but neither the motorcycling press nor the show catalog provided a detailed description of the motorcycle.

It is only known that the motorcycle was built to modern standards similar to German models and was equipped with a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine with a capacity of 346 cc, connected to the gearbox by means of a chain transmission. It was probably a Villiers engine, as used by many reputable Polish manufacturers. Tadeusz Marek, Eng., says that the prototype LOT "was lost during military trials under an incompetent driver who simply seized the engine".

Source: Polish History Archive

N.B. Tragatsch (p196) gives a somewhat different account, saying that this was a shaft-drive motorcycle manufactured in 1937 using a 346cc single cylinder two-stroke engine.