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Made in Latvia at the Sarkana Zvaigzne (Red Star) factory.

The company was established in Latvia's capital, Riga, in 1927. The bicycle factory did very well until WWII, when the factory was looted by the Nazis and the contents taken to Germany. Bicycle production resumed in 1947, with machine tools supplied from the Soviet Union.

The Riga moped was a Soviet-era machine produced from 1965 to 1992

The first model was the Riga-1 moped built in the late 1950s, also known as the RMZ. The Riga 3 used the engine from the Jawa Stadium type S11 / S22 and much of the machine closely resembles that model. The engine was embossed S-51 but has no relationship with the Simson model with the same designation.

Other models include the Riga 4, Riga 5, Riga Mini, Riga Delta and the Bringa-Riga. There were many variations over the years - Riga 11, 12, 13, 16 (1977), 22...

Riga also produced a copy of the VeloSolex in the years 1958 to 1998.

The Verhovina, made in Ukraine, is apparently a close relative.

Sources: Hungarian Riga Club at riga.hu, briansolex.free.fr

Mon Dec 21 2009
handyhit at hotmaildot com
riga 50 latvian
1994 riga 50 latvian
Hi, can you help me. I am the ovener of this machine, maby the only one in Denmark. Can i get a wiring diagram for the ignition. Can i get a catalouge with spareparts? Dearest Michael Rostas

Sat Oct 22 2005
kinkydoints at bellsouth.net
Riga 50 Latvian motorcycle
I am looking for more info on this bike.
I have one here in Kentucky.I am looking for a repair manual or a parts list? better a dealer some where?

Riga 50 Latvia.jpg
Riga 50 Latvia

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