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Simplex Motorcycles

An Overview of the Simplex Marques

Italy, Netherlands, USA, Australia and Great Britain all had Simplex brands.

The Dutch Simplex was made between 1902 and 1968.

Simplex Netherlands

English Simplex machines were 105cc twostrokes for use on bicycles, and were made from 1919 to 1922 by Patrick Engineering

Italian Simplex motorcycles were built by Luigi Pellini between 1921 and 1950 using his own OHV engines of 149cc, 174cc, 210cc and 496cc, and after the war similar machines were produced with 148cc and 248cc engines.

There was also an American Simplex made from the late 1930s to the late 1960s, powered by small industrial engines including Clinton.

Sept 06. Bob McGrath of Australia writes:
There was an Australian made Simplex also. It was nothing exciting merely being just assembled bike from the 1930's with a Villiers engine, and the usual makes of forks, wheels, gearbox, etc. To my knowledge none survive and it's many years since I saw the last one.

Sun Mar 02 2014
dwb1 at mchsi.com

simplex 1919 104 cc
would like to see anything detailed about the Simplex morotrbike especialy of how the rear sprocket is attaced to the rim.

Thu Sep 10 2009
stef3478 at comcast.net
I need photos
1937 Simplex Ala d Oro
I have a motorcycle left to me by my father, I am restoring it and need pictures so I can do the original paint. The bike you show on this site is exactly the same. Thank You, Loretta Steffy
PA, United States

Fri Nov 10 2006
kenevil64 at at hotmail dot com
need parts to restore
1950-1955 american 150cc (I'm guessing)
A good friend of mine has a simplex that belonged to his father. He would like to restore it and I am trying to held. If there is a catalog where I may obtain parts it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
Kenneth Constant
Michigan, 49038

Post on 1937 Simplex Ala d'Oro moved to Simplex Italy

Wed Feb 01 2006
dreamwalker1452 at at yahoo dot com
1948 Simplex motorcycle
I'd like to find out info on this make/model which we recently purchased. It's in great shape and runs!

Also, would be interested in knowing a value on this bike.

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