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A Brief History of the Marque

The Dutch Simplex was made between 1902 and 1968. Early machines were fitted with Fafnir, MAG and Minerva engines, Motosacoche in the early twenties, and from the mid 1920s utilised both Blackburne and Bradshaw power units. In the 1930s they also used Villiers (including a watercooled version) and Sachs 74cc two-strokes in moped-style machines for Gents and Dames.

Simplex merged with Locomotief in 1952, then Juncker in 1965, joined VAR in 1968 and later Gazelle.


The twin-cylinder Simplex which embodies several well-known British components, including Druid forks, Amac carburetter, and Terry spring saddle. The engine is a M.A.G. of 600 c.c. capacity. Observe the pillion seat constructed as part of the machine, and complete with footrests. 28 x 3in. tyres are fitted.

The Motor Cycle, September 22nd 1921

1925 Models
The 1925 catalogue included three V-twins - the PV6, the PV4, and the 5 P.K. Sportsmodel. There were also two 2¾ h.p. singles. Most were offered with electric lighting.

N.B. Several firms used variations of the Simplex brand.

Designed by Wim Gillesis in 1958, this was foldable autocycle with a 50cc two-stroke Sachs auxiliary engine. Simplex-Locomotief took an interest in the concept in 1960, and had it ready for production in 1963. However, the company was in financial difficulties and to compound the problem the legislation changed making it both more expensive to register and unavailable to unlicenced younger riders. It did not enter production.

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