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Manuel and Vicenç Vila built a transverse 250cc twin from 1953 to 1960.

Designed by Mecánica Mavi, S.A., with its Earles forks the motorcycle was quite similar in concept to the BMW flat-twins of the day.

The brothers, with no prior training, embarked on a study of motorcycle engineering and a year later submitted drawings to Dunjó, a company which had considerable experience designing for Spanish motorcycle firms.

The engine was constructed and tested in the family garage, whilst the chassis was built by Dunjó. By 1957 a second prototype was displayed at the Fira de Barcelona, this time a Sport with 14in wheels in place of the 18in on the Turismo.

In an extraordinary turn of events, a member of Franco's security forces purchased the sole prototype, against the protestations of the Vila brothers, and later placed an order for one thousand motorcycles. They approached Francesc Xavier Bultó to take on the project; he studied the project and a month later rejected the proposal as he had only very recently developed his first Bultaco, the Tralla, after splitting from Montesa.

The Vila brothers abandoned the project in 1960.

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