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Mecatecno Motorcycles

A Spanish company based in Barcelona which operated from 1983 until 1989, it was established by three men who previously worked with Derbi.

Mecatecno models include Mecatecno Chic 50, Kid 50, Alevin 80cc, Mecatecno Cuc 49, Dragon Fly 50 cc, Mecatecno Meteor, Brindis 50, Mini Kid Cross, Racing CR-7 & CR-8, and the Mini Pussy.

There was also a very pretty trials model, the 326cc Skywalker.

Luis Gallach won the first round of the 1987 World Trials Championship on a Mecatecno in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

Several Mecatecno models use Motori Morini engines.

x.bernaldo at
I have a Mecatecno dragonfly 326cc for sale. Euro 3000

  • Mecatecno-dragonfly-326cc.jpg posted to Comments.

Wed Aug 14 2013
mud guard
mecatecno alevin 80
can I get one Piece, please

Thu Aug 11 2011
mandarme mecatecno chic 50
estoy restaurando una chic 50, necesito repuestos.urgente.contacto por correo o telefono.gracias.

Wed Aug 10 2011
new Mecatecno
new electric new electric
do you have a contact for the new Mecatecno company as seen recently on www.todotrial. We import gas Gas Trials in Australia and would like to contact them about the new bikes.
thank you very much

Fri Aug 27 2010
jose-gtc150<at>hotmail dot com
informacion accesorios recambios
mecatechno meteor
hola buenas para conseguir accesorios y piezas de esta moto horquillas tapas piezas de motor en españa, como o donde me tendria q dirijir?
teneis distribuidor en españa? madrid?

Sun Oct 12 2008
g-williams8 at sky dot com
Spares and age
Mecatecno Skywalker 326
I have a Mecatecno 326 and was told when buying that it was a 1996. Is this possible seing as they only made them until 1989 ?
Does anyone know where i can get a new crank shaft ? Snapped the last one. And i could do with some other parts too. I used to have a supplier in South Wales, i think it was Peter Church but i can not remember exactly where. I know the company was the owners name, but no more than that.
Holyhead, Anglesey

Tue Jan 22 2008
karmar at
mecatecno amigo
i have a 80cc mecatecno amigo 1994 with motori franco morini engine( i think ), i need a new clutch, can anyone tell me where i can get one or if some other make will fit.
devon england

Tue Jan 08 2008
ponsrobert at
Morini franco engine parts
Searching Mecatecno Alevin 80
I'm searching for the following engine parts for a Mecatecno Alevin 80 (89) : Crankshaft or complete conrod, complete piston 47 mm. Thank's for your help

Mon Feb 12 2007
jbill at
mecatecno amigo
I have one of these bikes and would love any info on parts. or sites with more info. thanks U.S. TRIALS IS ALIVE

Tue Feb 06 2007
jenko3 at btinternet dot com

Hi, we are after some parts for the above bike, mud guards & plastic fuel tank, we live in Hertfordshire, England and any assistance would be a great help. best Regards
Andy Jenkins.
Nr London, England
The bike is made in Spain and is aprox 6 yr's old, or so I was told when buying it.
It has a Moto Marine 80cc air cooled 4 speed engine, disc breaks front and rear and 19inch wheels, not alot more I can tel you .
Any info on part suppliers or other places to look would be a great help.
I have attached a pic which is not to good as I can,t move the bike as the front wheel is at the moment being rebuilt.
Many thanks

The engine is a Franco Motori Morini, and the model is probably an Amigo. Try the Motori Morini page for more information.

Sun Mar 12 2006
jamesdanielbrown at
Mecatecno Skywalker

A Spanish (Barcelona) company that ran from 1983 untill 1989 and which was started by 3 men that left Derbi motorcycles.

The Engine is entirely their own specific design with Magnesium casings and a Nikasil bore.

Approx 200 Skywalkers were made and was Mecatecno's last model.
The bikes were over engineered and too expensive to produce, hence their demise.

Mecatecnos were most famously ridden by Louis Gallach in the late 80's
Imported to the UK by Steve Dewitt.

Tue Jan 17 2006
willo62au at
Mecatechno Alevin 80

I have a Mecatechno Alevin 80 that I am restoring for my son. Can you please tell me if you carry parts for these and if so then what do you keep? I may need to rebuild the bottom end of the motor, so are the parts available such as the con rod, big end bearing ets, gasket kits, etc. I would appreciate a parts list if you have one.

Thanks and Regards
Grant Wilson

Fri Dec 30 2005
jamesdanielbrown at
Mecatecno 326
Does anyone have any spares for Mecatecno dragonfly or Skywalker .
They are both 326cc engines

Sun Nov 27 2005
steve at dot com
92 mecatechno 325
we have an enquiry about a mecatechno 325, have you any clue to the U.K. importer ?

December 9, 2001
I have just got a Mecatecno cr8,, with a Morini Franco Motori 50cc water cooled engine, have you any info -- adam........... Adam Rowland-Hall -- sparky41 at

October 19, 2000
Teneis piezas para la moto de 49 cc infantil Mecatecno. -- Un Saludo: -- Paco Burgos -- pburgos at

Sheldon's attempt at translation:
I am in need of parts for my small 49cc Mecatecno. Thanks -- Paco Burgos -- pburgos at

June 22, 2000
They started with children's bikes, and then moved onto full-size mopeds, and even a trials bike with which Lluis Gallach even won a world championship round. -- Juan Carlos Castillo -- jccastillo at

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