Spanish Motorcycles

Sanson Motorcycles and Motocarros

Manufactured in the "Poble Nou" neighborhood of Barcelona between 1958 and 1965 by Talleres Arau, an auxiliary industry for other motorcycle manufacturers.

Best known for their motocarros, motorcycles were introduced in 1959. Engines were mostly Hispano Villiers 197cc two-strokes and Matacàs diesels. They also built a small number (perhaps 6) of larger machines powered by 250cc HV twins.

Their motocarros were very well received. Introduced in 1958, these were initially powered by the HV 197cc two-strokes, later fitting a Diter single and a diesel from Güldner of Barcelona. The last of their motocarros were produced in 1965 and were fitted with a twin-cylinder Matacás engine.

Competition from Tempo, Romeo and DKW grew fierce causing Talleres Arau to explore other business opportunities.