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Allvelo Factory

Allvelo Motorcycles

Landskrona, Sweden

A Brief History of the Marque
Allmänna Velocipedförsäljnings AB
Landskrona, Sweden

A photograph exists of a motorcycle in the Landskrona Museum Collection labeled as a 1905 model. The machine has a V-twin mounted high in the frame above the pedal crank, and uses a belt which drives a large diameter pulley on the rear wheel.

The mo-ped.se site lists a catalogue page from 1915 which reads: "Allvelo Motorcykel 1915. Motor: Motosacoche, Schweitz." There is an almost identical Huvud-Kataolg page from 1916 with the same motorcycle. Both of these are very similar to a Motosacoche of 1912 sold in Australia as the Speedwell, albeit with different forks.

It seems likely that Allvelo did not build their own motorcycles, but sold rebranded machines from other manufacturers such as the Ixion from France.

Along with bicycles (their main product), also listed in the 1916 Allvelo catalogue is the Flying Merkel from the United States along with Trellborg, Radix, Svecia and other tyres, bicycle bells, bulb horns, clocks, acetylene lamps, handlebars, rim brakes, saddles and many other components.

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