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Flink Motocross

A Brief History of the Marque
Vintage Swedish Motocross Machines produced from 1965 to 1970.

Gustav Flink established a business in 1946 which by 1958 was building special parts for racing Husqvarnas. A keen competitor, he transported his Web-forked Velocette to the races using an Husqvarna outfit with a flatbed. He rode it in hill-climbs, scrambles and even ice-racing.

For several years he produced crankshafts and other goodies for the 175cc Silverpil, and then in 1962 began to develop his own engine, which was completed in 1965. That year he created a chassis to house it, and the Flink was born.

The machines were quite unusual, with monocoque alloy frame and bodywork. Described by a writer at Lindstrom MX as decades ahead of their time, the Flink 250 X weighed an astonishing 87 kg. Some 10 examples were built, of which six survive. A Flink aluminium chassis went went to Angelo Nieto.

Gustav contracted a terminal illness. He died in 1970.

Sources: lindstrom-mx.se

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