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A Brief History of the Marque
Made in Sweden c.1938-1956

Maskinfabrik John Eriksson, Falun

Prewar machines were mostly 98cc. Postwar they used many Panther engines and chassis components, in addition to some from NSU. They built a range of very attractive motorcycles, along with mopeds with engines from HMW, Rex, and Sachs.

Postwar models include:

1952: MC25, a modified NSU 251 OSL of 242cc
1953: MC100, based on the NSU Konsul II, a 496cc fourstroke.
1952-53 Lyx 75 350cc (Panther Model 75 engine)
1952-53 250cc (Panther Model 65 engine)
1952-53 250cc Radex JLO (JLO twin). Possibly avail until 1957.
1952-53 Golden Speed 148cc 2T.
1952-53 NYTT scooter, 128cc J.B. 2T engine.
1952-1968 Mopeds - Svalette (see below)

Svalan built a a model based on the Panther 250cc model Model 65 in 1952 which used many English components including Dowty forks, Lucas electrics and Panther wheels. This was upgraded in 1953 to a plunger-frame version with Hella electrics, using a 350cc Panther engine. These were built until late in 1956.

Murray Barnard's site has several good images and some useful history.

A wide variety of mopeds was offered during the fifties powered by engines from Husqvarna, Express, HMW, Zundapp and J.B. There was also a scooter in 1954-55 which ran a J.B. (J. Benson) 125cc engine.

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