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Forster Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
These machines were built in Zurich from 1921 to 1932. Designed by Karl Kirschbaum, they had two-stroke power plants of 140cc, 193cc and 246cc.

M. Dumas writes that the brothers Forster, two engineers from the Famo factory, formed the company and used, at least initially, Famo engines.

Sources: Tragatsch, moto-collection.org

Sat Aug 04 2012
Info requirement
Forster 193ccm
Hello, I have a Forster motorcycle of my own but I don´t have any knowledge of it at all. I would be very happy if you could send any technical info and pictures of this motorcycle.

Sat Mar 15 2008
forr76 at aoldot com
Pictures and Info
Forster 140cc 193cc 246cc
Any and all info wanted
Mount Dora Fl. USA

Wed Mar 12 2008
greg.forrester at sbcglobal.net
I am looking for any information on Forster motorcycles
Rogers, AR

Mon Jan 07 2008
forsterfracture at gmaildot com
Forster Motorcycles
2 stroke, 140,200, & 250
Hello: Do you have any information or pictures of Forster Motorcycles? Manufactured in Zurich from 1921 to 1932. Thank you, Eric
Oregon, USA

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