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History of Italian Motorcycles: Vassena of Lecco
... Vassena Motorcycles A Brief History of the Marque Manufactured: 1926-1929 Pietro Vassena, already known for designing a variety of engines for other manufacturers, built a motorcycle ...
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History of Italian motorcycle manufacturers and designers | Sheldons Emu
... Pietro Vassena, Motorcycle Designer Vassena Pietro Vassena is often referred to as a genius. Best known in the motorcycle world for the flat-twins which powered Carniti and ...
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History of Italian Motorcycles: Industria Motori Vassena
... Industria Motori Vassena Motorcycles A Brief History of the Marque Manufactured in Lecco 1954-1956 The company built the KZ light motorcycle, designed by famed engineer Pietro Vassena, ...
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Italian Motorcycle manufacturers | Sheldons Emu
... In the 1920s Pirola Costante cycles of Monza produced motorcycles using engines built by Pietro Vassena of Malgrate, a manufacturer which began building engines for other motorcycle manufacturers in ...
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Presented at the Milan Fair in April 1950, designed by the Pietro Vassena this was the first production model.
... esposto a Bergamo alla Mostra del Ciclo e Motociclo. Venne progettato dal lecchese Pietro Vassena, tecnico motonautico, giĆ  famoso per avere stabilito nel marzo del 1948, ...
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Built 1953-1954 in Oggiono - A History of Italian Motorcycles.
... del Motociclo di Milano where it displayed the Automotoscooter Bersagliera 200, designed by Pietro Vassena . It was fitted with a three-cylinder engine housed in a pressed-metal frame, ...
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Italian Motorcycle manufacturers | Sheldons Emu
... built motocarri and a lightweight motorcycle with a 98cc Alpino engine. In 1946 Pietro Vassena designed a 125cc two-stroke twin with horizontal cylinders equipped with a rotary valve, ...
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Italian Motorcycles 1900s to WWI, 1920s, 1930s and the Fascist Era, Post-War, 1950s and 60s, 1970s on | Sheldon's EMU
... Jolly 1952 see MAV Junior 1924-1935 K Kosmos 1978-1984 Kram-It 1976-1988, 1995 KZ see Vassena L L'Alba 1924-1926 La Galbaj 1921-1925 see Galbai Ladetto 1920s & 30s Ladetto & ...
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Italian Motorcycle Personalities - Competitors, Business Figures, Designers, Engineers...
... , Alpino, Ardito, Parilla, Guazzoni and other marques. Pietro Trespidi V Vassena Pietro Vassena - brilliant designer and inventor from Lecco. If you have a ...
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Italian Motorcycle manufacturers | Sheldons Emu
... firm's machines was a lightweight 124cc motorcycle with chain drive designed by the talented Pietro Vassena , who also designed the engine used in the Amisa . With this engine ...
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