French Motorcycles

Dresch Motorcycles

Built between 1923 and 1939
La Cour-Dieu
commune d'Aigraunes par Fay-aux-Loges (Loiret)

Dresch were stylish machines of advanced design utilising MAG engines. They absorbed Le Grimpeur in 1923.

Dresch engines include: Dresch :

  • 250 Nationale
  • 350 Nationale
  • Monobloc 500
  • Monobloc 500 SS
  • Sources: JLB-Creations, Wikipedia France, Cycle Memory

    Tue Apr 15 2014
    chrisdickenson at gmail.com
    Information on Dresch
    Dresch 250
    I am looking for a handbook/parts catalogue/fact sheets for 1930 Dresch 250 3 speed.
    France, Deux Sevres

    Fri Aug 17 2007
    p.stud at seznam.cz
    I will sell part of French motorcycle - mark is Dresch. This motorcycle is from prewar age. See photo. You are offer price, please.
    p.stud seznam.cz didn't send a file.

    Sat Feb 11 2006
    paddy-stuart at tiscali.co.uk
    1929 Dresch 250cc, Swiss MAG engine
    Does anyone have a circuit diagram and/or electrical schematic layout for the above please?
    Northern Ireland

    Dresch 500cc Motorcycle 1935.jpg
    Dresch 500cc Motorcycle 1935


    250 x 209


    450 x 450


    100 x 99


    450 x 450

    4 files in folder

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