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The Austrian firm of Puch built their first motorcycles in 1903, and by 1912, the year in which company founder Johann Puch retired, the factory was producing over 300 motorcycles and automobiles each year, along with some 16,000 bicycles. Business slowed considerably after the end of WWI, and in 1934 they merged with Steyr and Austro-Daimler to become Steyr-Daimler-Puch.

After WWII they built two-stroke offroad and road bikes of mainly 125, 175 and 250cc, and also a range of scooters and mopeds with smaller engines. Many of these were marketed in the United States by Sears Roebuck as Allstate machines.

Puch engines were fitted to many marques including the following:

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
twomotokiwis at gmail.com
Puch SRA Alpine SRA Alpine 1966

Heya Neighbour We are proudly owned by our 1966 Puch SRA Alpine scooter, it is a weapon. We need to get a few gear linkage etc parts and wonder if you can point us in the right direction please. Many thanks, Andi n Ellen
Andi Delis
Wanaka New Zealand

    Puch-1966-Alpine-SRA-ADe.jpg posted to Comments
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    (images are from TradeMe.co.nz)

      Sun, 08 Oct 2017
      terry4blue at btinternet.com
      Puch Alpine 1959

      Hi. I have just got a Puch Alpine 1959 and am trying to find a throttle twist grip Will be glad of any help to find one. Thanks Terry
      Terry Jordan
      Cambridgeshire United Kingdom

      Sun, 10 Sep 2017
      chalkeywhite19882014 at gmail.com
      Puch E50

      Hi I'm trying to get my puch e50 on the road I've recently been left by a friend but I'm trying to find out the year if you can help as I have no logbook or registration plate on it And not sure if it's ever been on the road , it only has just over 500 miles on it too , I have the serial number which is stamped on the frame and is also stamped on the badge/plate 7 digits ,, which are ,,, ( 4307589 ) Any info would be great thankyou or how to get a logbook so I can get plates too ?
      Dorset United Kingdom

      July 27th 2017
      From comments:
      have i think a 1975 puch magnum, engine no 2017606 frame no 2017606 barn find need a few parts or sell kellyemmett100@

      From comments:
      Tim Ohio USA I have a Puch Magnum XK, Engine Serial 8551774, Frame Serial 3203409 trying to figure out what year it was made. I heard 1978. And what it is worth. Hope someone can help.

      Thu Jul 13 2017
      Donpat07 at live.com
      Leaded gasoline
      Puch 50cc Maxi
      What leaded gas is required for my recently purchased moped

      Tue May 16 2017
      tomas.strange at gmail.com
      Year of Puch M50 Sport
      Hi.  I have just bought a Puch M50 Sport. Frame number 9845793.  How can I find out the age of this bike.  I have been told it is 1976
      Northern Ireland

      Can you send photographs please, including the manufacturers' ID plate and the engine number?

      Thank you for your reply.  I am in the process if stripping the moped so not much to look at.  I have enclosed a few photos.  I am trying to get a registration book for it and the DVLA wants a letter from an owners club or manufacture to state the age. I am now in my late 50s and had one of these  brand new as a 16 year old

      Hope you can help me


      Wed Nov 09 2016
      Wmfourie at gmail.com
      Puch motorcycle year model?
      Puch Unknown
      Good day

      I am desperately trying to get info on my puch motorcycle. Year model. And maybe the history of the motorcycle. I wish to restore it but its hard to sorce without the correct model info
      South Africa

      Could you send detailed images of the manufacturer plate and the engine number please, along with anything else you know about the machine?

      Sun Oct 23 2016
      colinhiggs168 at btinternet.com
      Year identification
      Puch MS50D
      I have a barn find MS50D frame no 7825010, engine no 7818789 but no vehicle licence plate. Can you identify the year it would have been made please.
      North Wales

      Wed Oct 12 2016
      rogloden at bigpond.net.au
      Piston rings
      Puch 250cc motorbike 46cm
      buy spare parts for Puch 250 motorbike, 46cm piston rings, 2 set of 3

      Thu Sep 22 2016

      mavir57 at libero.it
      user manual
      how to disassemble puch mc 125 de luxe
      as I disassemble the muffler

      Mon Sep 12 2016
      paul.knights42 at btinternet.com
      exhaust for vs50dk
      puch vs50dk 3 speed
      hi this is a barn find up and running can anybody help me locate a exhaust as the end can is missing also it has a kick start and no pedals can anybody help me with info on bike as I cant find another anywhere also a headlight

      Wed Aug 10 2016
      penymaes1 at btinternet.com
      Year of Manufacture
      Puch Maxi
      Please help me.
      I need to confirm the year of my Maxi, so I can register it here in the UK
      Chassis No 9632506
      Thank you

      Try this page: https://sites.google.com/site/puchnz/chassis-numbers

      Sat May 28 2016
      deweyrj at gmail.com
      Identify Puch model and year
      Puch Maxi?
      Good Morning from South Africa. Please help me identify my Puch Model and year if at all possible. Serial number 3523593. Many Thanks
      South Africa

      Ed. Strong similarities to the 1978 model Sport, except for the seat mount. It seems likely that this custom is based on a model similar to, but not the same as, the 1978 Sport.
      Further research leads me to believe it is a Kromag, built using largely Puch components and sold by Sears 1977-78.

      Thu May 19 2016
      nicovc82 at hotmail.com
      Colour code
      Puch 250
      Hello. I need to know some colour code to paint my old puch 250. Do you have some colour code?

      Sat Nov 07 2015
      hkristensen2002 at aol.com
      Puch 250cc Scrambler, w/2 carb.
      250 cc Scrambler
      I had one like that to race Moto Cross on in 1958.
      EB New Jersey,USA

      Wed Oct 14 2015
      levkoor a tbigpond.com
      Puch identification
      Puch SGSA
      I have Puch 250 SGSA VN 2200325 and would like to know what year it was made and how many were imported into Australia. Thanks

      Tue Oct 13 2015
      peteralex4 at yahoo.com
      Sg 250
      Hello! Where could I find a replacement bulb? This was a Philips, 6622, 6volt,35/35 watt. Any help appreciated! Thanks very much.
      Ohio, USA

      Thu Sep 17 2015
      milos.radevic.protos at gmail.com
      Puch 175 SV
      Austria 175 SV
      I would like to sell my puch 175 SV 1956, in good condition and with original parts. I will attach some pictures. Please contact me for more details via email.

      Thu Aug 13 2015
      pmc.1 at icloud.com
      Engine Required
      Puch DS50K
      I am looking for an engine for a Puch DS50K if anyone can help me

      Mon Feb 16 2015
      mtino5555 at gmail.com
      vin identifier
      puch 250
      Hello I can't find a vin number on my puch moped I can only find the frame number. It is 8612358. Any help would be great. I would like to know what year it is and everything about it

      Fri Feb 06 2015
      baknick89 at yahoo.com
      puch 1952 125cc
      do you know where replacement parts for a 1952 puch 125cc can be found thanks

      Sat Jan 03 2015
      barry3 at hotmail.co.uk
      parts for puch alpine sr 150
      puch sr 150
      hi, looking for a supplier of puch alpine 150 parts, starting to restore one at the moment and need a lot of new parts, please help.
      hull east yorkshire

      Sat Sep 20 2014
      thomas.barbazanges at gmail.com
      steyr daimler puch a.g r125
      Steyr daimler A.g r125
      Hi everyone.
      I found a treasure in my grandma's place, have a look at the pictures !
      This is the situation : I don't know many things in mechanic, there is a lot of work on this beautiful bike and pieces are missing... Anyway, I want to fix it, even if I need ten years but I really think it's a really beautiful object. It needs to be alive again.
      So I contact you guys if you can help me to know how to start, if you know places to find pieces, documentation, ... Everything can help me, because to be honest, I don't know how to start.
      I'm in France, close to the city Nantes. If you can help me for this challenge, could be great !
      Thanks a lot, hope to have some comments !
      Nantes, France

      See the scooter gallery for Puch-R125-Scooter-Nantes.jpg

      Mon Aug 18 2014
      santiagovanesa37 at gmail.com
      1961 Puch Alpine SR Alpine
      Favor de indicarme dónde puedo conseguir las siguientes partes eléctricas:
      1)6v 3.5-3.3 Watts 2 contact bulb
      2) 2 panel light 6v 3 watts
      3) 2 license bulb 3w
      4) 6v 10amp fuse

      Mil gracias.
      PR, USA

      Thu Jun 12 2014
      NewEnglander4700 at ahoo.com
      need parts
      Puch looking for it?
      I have a puch moped,I use to get parts from guy in cocoa beach,fl,but the guy went out business,now don't know where to get parts,in fl?

      Wed May 07 2014
      robert-2009 at live.com.au
      Wanting Parts
      Puch Steyr 1961 SR150
      Hi I'm in search of some parts for a Puch SR150 I'm trying to restore.
      Does anyone have the kick start pedal and also the small panel which allows access to the engine on the side of the main body. I've attached pics of the scoot
      I live in Adelaide South Australia so parts here are like hen's teeth
      Would appreciate any advice or suggestions where I could try to source
      Adelaide South Australia

      Tue Apr 29 2014
      bobbywhittington at hotmail.com
      Piston for Puch 175
      Puch 175
      Where can I get a piston for this 175 Twingle?

      Thu Apr 10 2014
      koolcoupl at yahoo.com
      1966 Puch Twingle parts
      Twingle 175
      Hi I am looking for one piston for the twingle.
       Thanks for your time, Glenn

      Sun Apr 06 2014
      twest9161 at gmail.com
      Puch Question...
      Puch Cobra
      I recently purchased a 1984 Puch Cobra. I have been trying to decode the VIN and have yet to find any information. Could you possibly point me in the right direction? Any and all information on this particular model is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
      KY, USA

      Wed Nov 13 2013

      puch alpine 150cc 1957
      can anyone help with the ignition timing for a 1957 alpine 150 three speed, it s been rebuilt by someone else and dosnt have much power, i need to check the timing before checking inside.

      Sun Jul 14 2013
      1956 moped
      Steyr-Daimler-Puch. A.G. Graz 81084020
      Do you have any information about the moped? Value? Is it a rare moped? Is it worth restoring? Needs a new seat, headlight, tail light, doesn't run.
      Nebraska, US

      Fri Dec 21 2012
      choke for carburetor
      77 PUCH Maxi
      I was working on cleaning my carburetor when Sandy hit. Lost choke part. Can anyone help.
      Brooklyn, New York

      Mon Aug 20 2012
      engine parts list
      PUCH MS50D
      please can you supply an engine parts list
      107 kanor crescent newport isle of wight

      Mon Nov 05 2012
      racemaster33<at> yahoo.com
      Help identify PUCH numbers
      PUCH unknown
      I recently bought two old PUCH mopeds and want to learn more about what model and year they are.
      1st bike VIN 6487654 model 810.94011 2nd bike VIN 7917883 model 810.94381
      Tennessee USA

      Wed Jul 11 2012
      Puch 250 Tf - 1951
      Puch Puch 250 Tf - 1951
      I'm from Brazil and, recently, I bought a motorcycle Puch 250 Tf - 1951. I want to receive all kind of information about this model.
      Rio de Janeiro

      Thu Sep 20 2012
      Clutch needed
      Puch Mini maxi
      It is called a Dart in the U.S.
      I have a nice 1984 and all it needs is a clutch mechanism, I have the cover and the operating cable. Thank you.

      Tue Jun 19 2012
      pmays44<at>gmaildot com
      Wiring Diagram
      Puch Cheater DS60 - 1965
      I have rebuilt a 1965 DS60
      but the lights go very bright when revved and blow bulbs. Should there be a ballast resistor ? ....and have problems with the lights going so bright they blow even 12v 55w bulbs. I have nothing left over so cant understand it.
      Thanks Peter

      See gallery for images

      Wed Jun 13 2012
      puch exhaust
      1969 puch m-125 m-125
      Need a complete exhaust or muffler for a 1969 puch m-125.thanks Dave
      Illinois, usa

      Tue May 22 2012
      puch 150 sra
      hola estoy por restaurar una puch scooter 150 sra y quiero saber si me pueden conseguir el manual de despiese para comprarlo o fotocopiarlo ya que aca en argentina es imposible conseguirlo desde ya muchas gracis espero respuesta atte.GERMAN.
      villa constitucion santa fe argentina

      Fri May 11 2012
      puch r125
      i recently purchased an r 125 and only have the number 1263261 from the id tag id just like as much info as poss thanks in advance liam

      Mon Mar 12 2012
      Puch 810.94150
      Picked up a rolling Puch chassis today. Trying to determine year and find pics. # 810.94150

      Sat Feb 18 2012
      moped 1957
      puch 50 cc
      i am 71 years old and now live in melbourne, australia,
      as a teenager i purchased a puch moped and rode it from vienna to monte carlo.
      i have old photos of this trip, which. after having travelled a lot, was one of the most enjoiable things i have done in my life.
      the puch moped was without a doubt the best form of transport i have ever owned.
      cheers, karl rinner

      Sun Feb 26 2012
      Gas Tank
      PUCH 175cc 1965
      I have been looking for a gas tank for a 175cc motocycle for years without succes.
      Puerto Rico

      Thu Jan 05 2012
      raimondopasetto<at> yahoo.com.au
      owners or workshop manual
      Puch 150 Alpine scooter
      Has anyone got original manuals for the 150 Alpine scooter to sell or to photocopy?

      Regards, Rai
      South Australia

      Fri Jan 06 2012
      dennisestuardo<at>yahoodot com
      year built
      puch dont know
      need to know what model and year this puch is

      See gallery for Puch-1955c-175SV image.

      Thu Dec 15 2011
      Link exchange
      Puch several
      we found your site today by chance and would like to exchange links with you. We are an Austrian Oldtimer-Team, mainly collecting Puch motos, but also Indian, and Vincent and Horex will follow. You find us at puchteam.at (404).

      Would really appreciate to link your page and if you could set a backlink to ours.

      Regards from the Austrian vintage-fans,


      Wed Oct 26 2011
      plano electrico
      puch alpina sra 150
      necesito plano electrico para puch 150 sra año 58 en estado de restauracion acepto cualquier colaboracion,muchas gracias .sergio
      buenos aires ,argentina

      Tue Oct 18 2011
      repair manual
      puch 1965 250
      i am trying to find a repair manual for this bike
      stoughton sk

      Fri Sep 02 2011
      fawcettsr<at>hotmaildot com
      puch cheetah scooter/bike
      Puch Cheetah
      Inherited one of these from father and rode it for a couple of years in the late 60s. Looking to take a trip down memory lane I found your site. F.y.i. ref the photos of the Puch Cheetah DS50 in your gallery - this looks like the model I remember owning and is the 60cc DS60 I believe. Thanks for the pics.

      Tue Aug 16 2011
      vesnaorel<at>rocketmaildot com
      German ,made in 1930-es. do not know
      My grandfather had PUCH motorbyke in year 1941..It was made in Germany.Unfortunately,do not know the model.Interested how much the new model of PUCH was worth in those days.And how much the same old model would cost nowadays?

      Unfortunatelly do not have any images.
      All I know is that grandfather had it in 1930-es. all way to 1941..
      When a German officer in occupied city he lived ,not far from Austria,stole it from him.

      Kind Regards,

      Vesna Orel

      Thu Aug 11 2011
      richard.wain-heapy<at>skydot com
      Spares Puch M125
      Puch M125
      Is there still a company in Austria that sells spares for this model?

      Wed Jul 20 2011
      Identification of a Puch moped
      ?? 5352794
      I need to identify the Puch moped that we bought at an auction. I can find no identifying marks or numbers other than 5352794 which is on the post under the seat. It is burgandy in color. Any help to identify this moped would be appreciated.
      Cedar Springs, MI

      Sun Jun 12 2011
      leshulme at sky.com
      restoring puch M50 sport just starting restoration but have no idea where to source parts bedfordshire

      Thu Jun 16 2011
      eatkinson1 <at> sky.com
      seat for 1962 puch
      would anyone have a double seat for a 1962 ds 50 k
      thanks. n.ireland 1962
      hi,i need the two side covers if anyone can help. thanks northern ireland

      Wed Jun 01 2011
      jjameson <at> bellsouth.net
      1962 Puch scooter wheels
      Sears Allstate Puch SN#810-94-380
      I need a complete front wheel assembly for this scooter
      Louisiana - USA

      Mon May 23 2011
      Wiring diagram
      Steyr-Daimler-Puch R125 scooter
      Help, am restoring a Steyr-Daimler-Puch R125 from 1953 and can't find a wiring diagram. Can you help me in any way? Thank you in advance.

      Sat Apr 23 2011
      2 h.p.Puch motor on a 1981 Murry mo-ped
      murry 1-08320000
      want to restore murry mo-ped with Puch motor. Need information about parts and colors and help
      Big Prairie Mich.

        This is probably a Murray moped. Ed.

      Sat Mar 12 2011
      j.caballero.lucar<at>hotmaildot com
      system of ignition
      Puch 250 TF - 315433 motor
      I need favor to send system of ignition of motorcycle puch 250 TF of 1951.
       Spark has the ignition but there is no explosion, not I what happens am very worried.

      Jose Caballero

      Thu Feb 17 2011
      jthellin49<at>yahoodot com
      puch twingle 175
      i need pistons and rings 1st oversize for 175 twingle!need now, customer needs bike running john
      texas usa

      Fri Jan 21 2011
      Joefrearsonray<at>msndot com
      Parts list and engine layout
      Puch Rough rider turbo
      I have got a 50cc ouch rough rider turbo which my mum and dad let me have when I was young. It was sat in a shed for years Previously and I managed to start it. A few weeks later it stalled and I think the engine is flooded and some of the parts are rusting and the kickstart is jammed
      I am currently doing a level 1 imi in ligt vehicle mechanics at the college in kings Lynn Norfolk and my tutor has allowed me to bring the bike in to work on and hopefully fix

      I was hoping to find the engine layout and parts on the Internet but could not find it anywhere and wondered if you could possibly email the list of parts and engine layout so I can rebuild the engine replacing the parts that need to be replaced.

      Joe frearson
      Sutton Bridge

      For entries prior to 2011 see Puch Archives

      If you have a query about Puch please contact us

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