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Issue No. 1

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A Word From "Boanerges"

It is with graet (sic) regret that I have to announce that the Hurley-Pugh Owners & Enthusiasts' Club and the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists have seen fit to part company. As you will doubtless know, these two bodies have been mutually entwined for many years, and we at the H-PEC have always supported the aim of increasing the skill and style demonstrated on the road by our members.

Sadly, certain parties have seen fit to express the view that riding one of our magnificent steeds is likely to lead to a decrease in road safety. To them I would like to take this opportunity to say "balderdash!". The suggestion that an ejector saddle "cooking off" is in any way dangerous merely illustrates how these individuals have been spoilt and mollycoddled by their modern inclination away from the traditional British iron towards the offerings of our traditional enemy the Hun. A gentleman who has worked his way up to the pinnacle that is a Hurley-Pugh via the wide variety of other wonderful marques that inhabit each of our personal histories would have no difficulty in retaining control of his machine under such circumstances, so long as he has the presence of mind to raise himself from the saddle when the first suggestion of a detonation of the explosive bolts is heard.

As for the reluctance of observers and examiners to conduct riding tests from a following position, I have to say that this reflects more on the quality of their courage than on the alleged failings of the Hurley-Pugh Total Loss Lubrication System. Any rider worth his salt should be able to retain full control of a modern soulless machine with a thin film of oil between his tyres and the road surface. After all, we must never forget that "Killer" Steerforth completed many miles on the Island in such a manner when the outlet had been misdirected to discharge in front of his rear wheel, with only one or two minor spills.

Of course, riders of his calibre are all too rare today, especially, it would seem, in the Institute.

- "Boanerges"

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