Hurley-Pugh Motorcycles

The History

During the years that the Hurley-Pugh Motor Bicycle Company was in existence, many historic, glorious, momentous and - sadly - horrific events took place. Our researchers are working hard to re-create the history of this company and as these dates and events surrounding them are uncovered, they will be documented for posterity here on these pages.

1904 The Hurley-Pugh Motor Bicycle Company was established in 1904 by Sir John Hurley and Alaric Pugh.
1936-37 The Outrigger Gentleman's Double Combination developed at Scunthorpe.
1938 "Killer" Steerforth excluded from Isle-Of-Man TT for alleged course cutting. An unsubstantiated eye witness report.
1938 The Motor-Cycle show disaster
1943 Hurley-Pugh ceases trading.
1997 The death of Motorcycle International - home of "The Fettler"

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