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Issue 7 - Christmas 1998

Finally - the issue that they wouldn't print!!!

  • The Zeglie-Hurley-Pugh: The testing of the holder of the pre-war land speed record.
  • "A Word": The Board of the Grand Lodge of the H-PEC, in secret session, has met to consider the latest pernicious attempts by Aliens and Philistines closer to Home to subvert the Graet Marque and the Founders' Reputation.
  • Tales from the shed: From the Christmas workbench of "Brown Overall". Where questions about the restoration of the lacquer finish on auxiliary pannier petrol tanks, the porpoise skin covering of the folding umbrella and the Pughmatic Petroleum Monitoring System are answered.
  • Pughcheer to One and All: A Christmas greeting from the Board and High Council of the Grand Lodge of the United & Consolidated Chapters of the Hurley-Pugh Enthusiasts' Club, (Graet Britain, Colonies & Empire)

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("The Fettler" issues 1 to 6 originally appeared in Motor Cycle International. All material is copyright "The Hurley-Pugh Owners & Enthusiasts Club").

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