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The Credits

The Hurley-Pugh Owners & Enthusiasts Club would like to publicly thank all those whose research efforts have produced such a wealth of material, not only for this site, but for all Hurley-Pugh enthusiasts world wide. Some of these people have given their permission to have links to their own home pages, or to have their Email addresses included. If you have enjoyed discovering about Hurley-Pugh, please drop them a line (or visit their web sites) and say thank you.

'Nimrod' chooses to remain anonymous, has no truck with the Internet, but is represented by his agent, Mr Henrik Kiertzner whose web site can be found at

Tony Sleep was overheard saying

"It is nothing to do with me really as I'm on a community service placement with these stupid old farts thanks to my Probation Officer. Don't put that in as it makes me look like a criminal. I've only got another 8,964 hours to do."

Tony Sleep (temp editorial assistant/tea-boy, The Fettler) (name and address withheld).

Boanerges is a well-known arctophile and thespian ( "A brooding stage presence" - Auberon Binyamin, 1957) and has been involved with the H-PO&EC since its foundation. He has flirted with inferior marques from time to time but returns, faithfully as always, to his Special based on three Clubman Excalibur Manxman cylinders mounted in line on a (frightfully) common crankcase in a custom-built British spine frame.

His personal history as a volunteer in the early days of bionic research combined with lessons learnt from the preceding flat- and V- twin development engines have led him, in the interests of weight saving, to be able to dispense with the auxiliary starter motor, and the Special is thus fitted with a 1 3/4" diameter kick-start lever.

He was first introduced to the Graet Marque by a fellow member of the Masons Bachelor, to the local lodge of which he has recently been appointed Appliance Steward.

As well as motorcycling, his pastimes and pursuits include entertaining in his yacht, "Jolly Roger", (fitted with a H-P based auxiliary engine in addition to several novel solutions to maritime bugbears penned by Alaric Pugh) as well as skiing. His extraordinary performance on the notorious Hahnenkamm downhill course is still mentioned in hushed tones at Kitzbuhel when the racers gather to talk of old times.

Mrs Violet Thrump has no sympathy whatsoever for the Internet, whatever it might be, new-fangled rubbish, why can't people just talk to each other like they did in the old days...and can occasionally be found buttering Nimrod's crumpets.

She has gorgeous hair.

The Professor

The Professor. A studious researcher who will work on a project to the exclusion of all else, in nit picking detail. Would not be seen dead riding any motorcycle - even a Hurley-Pugh, he's far to sensible for that.

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