Hurley-Pugh Motorcycles

The Machines

The list of machines that came out of the Hurley-Pugh works at Scunthorpe is truly awesome. Unfortunately, the specifications to many of them were lost in the great bombing fiasco. Of those that survived, some have just disappeared, never to be seen again.

This list has been painstakingly re-created by our dedicated band of researchers, although in many cases nothing is known beyond the name. However we have been fortunate to find out something about some of the bikes listed below. If you have any further information on any of the motor-cycles listed below, or indeed if you suspect that you know of a machine not listed, please contact The Professor at the Hurley-Pugh Owners & Enthusiasts Club - we'd love to hear from you. We are also looking for photographs or even original design drawings of these motor-cycles. Please get in contact if you even think that you may have one.

The Excalibur

  • Excalibur Brooklands
  • Excalibur Clubman
  • Excalibur Manxman
  • Excalibur Brooklands-Clubman
  • Excalibur Brooklands-Manxman
  • Excalibur Manxman-Brooklands
  • Excalibur Manxman-Clubman
  • Excalibur Clubman-Brooklands
  • Excalibur Clubman-Manxman
  • Excalibur Manxman-Clubman-Brooklands
  • Excalibur Manxman-Brooklands-Clubman
  • Excalibur Clubman-Manxman-Brooklands
  • Excalibur Clubman-Brooklands-Manxman
  • Excalibur Brooklands-Manxman-Clubman
  • Excalibur Brooklands-Clubman-Manxman

all available in "Standard" or "Supreme" trim

The Empire Excalibur range, 1935 only

  • Empire Excalibur Brooklands
  • Empire Excalibur Clubman
  • Empire Excalibur Manxman
  • Empire Excalibur Brooklands-Clubman
  • Empire Excalibur Brooklands-Manxman
  • Empire Excalibur Manxman-Brooklands
  • Empire Excalibur Manxman-Clubman
  • Empire Excalibur Clubman-Brooklands
  • Empire Excalibur Clubman-Manxman
  • Empire Excalibur Manxman-Clubman-Brooklands
  • Empire Excalibur Manxman-Brooklands-Clubman
  • Empire Excalibur Clubman-Manxman-Brooklands
  • Empire Excalibur Clubman-Brooklands-Manxman
  • Empire Excalibur Brooklands-Manxman-Clubman
  • Empire Excalibur Brooklands-Clubman-Manxman
  • Empire Excalibur Brooklands Manxman Clubman

The Excalibur military models

  • HP90RE 1700 - armoured, c/w Bofors gun sidecar combination
  • HP90RES 1700 - armoured, c/w passenger sidecar combination
  • HP90AM 1600 - armoured air-mobile solo, c/w Bren gun mounting

The Empire Bombay model

  • Empire Bombay Excalibur (India sales - base model only)

The Wildebeeste

  • Wildebeeste-Weatherman
  • Gentleman's Wildebeeste-Weatherman
  • Super Wildebeeste-Weather(man) [Argentinean Assembly, some parts made in Nyasaland]
  • Wildebeeste-Countryman
  • Gentleman's Wildebeeste-Countryman
  • Super Wildebeeste-Country(man) [Argentinean Assembly, some parts made in Nyasaland]
  • Wildebeeste Cavalryman All-Terrain MkVIII

The Empire Wildebeeste Range 1934-38

  • Empire Wildebeeste Tropical
  • Empire Bombay Excalibur (India sales only)

Motorcycle and side car combinations

Prototype models

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