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The Fettler

Issue No. 5

The Official Newsletter of the Hurley-Pugh Owners & Enthusiasts Club


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WANTED: hygienic latex vanity cover for 1935 H-P "Vlad" Patent Retractable Side-Saddle Safety Pillion Retainer.

Miss Felicity Todger,
49A Gibbet Rd,

FOR SALE: three complete Hurley-Pugh Wildebeeste Manxman Kyalami Military Equatorials, all 1939 models, recently recovered from the hold of the SS Brigadoon, torpedoed off Punta Gringo on 28 May 1940. 50-odd years of salt corrosion, micro-organism concretions (including 468 separate species of coral) and barnacles make for challenging restoration projects. SAE to

Alfie's Authentic Classics, Gasworks St, Bermondsey, SE19.

FOR SALE: very rare 1941 Hurley-Pugh Camouflage Thrunging Bucket - disguised as a Royal Doulton Night Soil Vessel. Sensible offers only to:

"Grunt" Throst,
Apt C,
Huey Long Vistas,
Mason-Dixon Esplanade,
Meansville, Alabama
95743 USA.


Wet kisses to Cuddly-Wuddly Bunnikins from Rin-Tin-Tin Slappy-Bots. I'll be your "Valens" if you'll be my "Alaric". Write to Box 7942 soonest, Discretion assured.

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