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Other Yankee/OSSA Pictures

Builders of the Yankee Z500

Yankee builders behind the old Yankee Motor Company building, 1969,
in preparation for a moto-cross.

Fritz Sandner, Ted Barrow, Jerry Scott, Bob Way, Rick McKinnon, and Len Stewart

Reception area at Yankee

The reception area at Yankee Motor Company, 1969

Invitation to Yankee celebration

A special invitation to the celebration of the new Yankee motorcycle.

Trent Taylor's Yankee

This is a picture of Trent Taylor's custom Yankee. Trent was John Taylor's
son, and he road OSSA's and Yankees at scrambles around Schenectady.
This picture is courtesy of Bob Fornwalt.

1969 OSSA 250

My first OSSA and my '68 Camaro
A 1969 250 cc. OSSA Stiletto and the car that pulled it to the
motocross races both setting behind Yankee Motor Company.

My short-tracker

My 230 cc OSSA short-tracker prior to a trip to Daytona, 1970.
This motorcycle originated as a 230 cc "Wildfire", the
street model that was imported to the US at the time.