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Bianchi Poster by Gino Boccasile

Boccasile was an artist of considerable merit, and one of the few talented fascists.

The Bianchi poster was based, it appears, on a photograph of a Triumph.

It is discussed briefly at which says, in part, "...Triumph in 1933 to extol the merits of the Silent Scout".

Peter VanDyke writes, "It certainly was retouched for a bianchi advertisement there is no doubt about that, but based on the information in the picture below, it looks to me that the bike is actually a Triumph." Peter goes on to explain that he had examined a copy of the original photograph which strongly indicates that it's a Triumph, and included a screenshot from a forum post which says much the same and that it's probably a 1930s 500cc Twinport.

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