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Coventry Simplex Engines

Coventry-Simplex 1913

THE consistently successful Cyclecar Engines, as proved by the Scottish 6-day Trials, English 6-day Trials, A.C U. 1-day Trials, and many other events, are the product of the expert designs and perfectly-equipped Works of Coventry-Simplex Engines, Ltd.

Simplex Engine Co of East Street, Coventry

Founded in 1903, around 1905 the company moved to Paynes Lane, Coventry, and was renamed Coventry-Simplex in by H. Pelham Lee, formerly of Daimler.

In 1917 the company name was changed to Coventry Climax, and relocated to East Street, Coventry.

Few if any engines were used in motorcycles, but they were popular in cyclecars such as GWK. The engines were employed in a broad range of applications including industrial and agricultural equipment, and searchlight generators during WWI.

Coventry-Climax built Formula One engines which were used by Cooper, Lotus, Scirocco, Brabham and others in the years 1957 to 1969.

Source: Graces Guide

N.B. Several firms used variations of the Simplex name.