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Abbotsford Scooters

Built in England from 1919 to 1920, these stand-up scooters were powered by a small OHV single-cylinder engine and apart from the pneumatic tyres they had no suspension.

A Brief History of the Marque

From Graces Guide:

  • Abbotsford Motor Co of Kingston manufactured motorcycles in 1919/1920.

    • 1920 The Abbotsford machine was a three-wheeled scooter. It had an open frame with a fuel tank beneath, a 1.5hp four-stroke engine and sixteen-inch wire-wheels. It was single-speed and had no suspension. It was called the Abbotsford Supa Scooter and, as it was reportedly the only such machine of its type, it was suitable for trips to the shops as it had a carrier platform behind the saddle.

There was also an Abbotsford built in Victoria Street Abbotsford, Melbourne Australia, c1912-1913.

Sources Henshaw, Graces Guide

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